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The thrill of a new diver

As seasoned divers, many of us forget the thrill of experiencing the underwater world as a new diver. We see diving as something we enjoy doing, and tend to compare our dives to pervious ones. We get so used to seeing the aquatic life over again. While they are cool, pretty, and fun to look at, we think of them as another version of what we have seen before. We get to enjoy new dive sites from time to time, but our mindset is different than that of a new diver.

On our recent trip to Bonaire, I was able to see the wonders of diving through the eyes of a new diver, and it was exciting! We had the opportunity to take three newer divers along with us on that trip. Everything that they saw, they were seeing for the first time up close and personal. They were like kids in a toy store.

They got to see the underwater world with eyes that could see more than 10 feet, (yes we dive in low visibility at home). They were darting here and there (while still practicing prudent dive profiles) seeing colorful Parrot fish, Trunk fish, Morays, and coral, it was exciting to watch.

The life of a scuba Instructor is much like a parent of a young child, taking them out into a brand new world. Keeping a watchful eye on them as they explore all of the underwater awesomeness. One by one, they ventured out and began maturing on their own, slowly relying less and less on the reassuring approval.

It is amazing to watch, and I got to relive my first experiences of my dive career, remembering back to the thrill and excitement I experienced as a new diver. It reminded me of how awesome of a sport it is, and how lucky I am to be apart of it, seeing things that most people will only see in a book, or in an aquarium.

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