Things Midwest divers can do to get their scuba fix in the winter

As Midwest divers, our diving season is pretty much limited to 6 months out of the year. Even if we dive drysuits, unless ice certified, local winter diving is out. Some divers take a tropical vacation to dive in the winter, but not all have the chance to do so. Luckily there are things we can do to get our scuba fix.

Take a class. Yes that is right, take a scuba class. There are several classes you can take that are non-diving. Enriched Air Nitrox is a great option. A Nitrox class does not require making dives. Learn to maintain your gear by taking an Equipment Specialist class. While you won't become a repair guru, you will learn the proper technique to maintain, store, and do basic maintenance, (plus you get to check out some new really cool stuff!). Project Aware classes are great also. You get a chance to learn about the environment, and ways to protect our water ecology.

There are some Midwest dive sites that are available in the winter. Bonne Terre mine in Missouri, or the Aquarium at the Mall of America. Aquarium diving may not be on your favorite dive site list, but you get to have fun while all of the visitors are watching you.

Winter is also a great time to get your gear in order, take anything in for repair that may need it, or think about things that you may want for the following season.

Take in a dive show. Our World Underwater is a great consumer show, and is the longest running one in the US.

There are many scuba things to do in the winter, before you know it, it will be time to hit the water again!

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