Equipment service


We are Iowa's largest Aqua Lung authorized repair center. We can service and repair All Aqua Lung and Apeks equipment, as well as others. We guarantee our service and repairs!

Aqua Lung/Apeks


North Iowa Scuba is a factory authorized service center for Aqua Lung and Apeks equipment. We can service everything we sell, to keep it in factory warranty, and performing like new. Even if you bought it somewhere else, we will treat it as our own.


Aqua Lung image

Aqua Lung Drysuits


We are a factory authorized repair center for Whites Fusion drysuits. Whites are an amazing suit, and require very little upkeep, but if you find a repair needed, we can provide that service.



We can perform scuba tank visual inspections and valve service to rigid PSI standards. PSI is the standard for compressed gas cylinder inspection. We can also have your tank hydro tested for you, with a two week turn around time.

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Air Fills


We provide quality air fills for both scuba, and paintball tanks. Our air is tested every three months and exceeds grade E air, so you can always be assured of high grade breathing air.


We have an 8.5 cu ft compressor with eight cascade bottles, so we can fill while you wait.