Picture of red and black Aqua Lung drysuit

 Drysuit Specialty​



There are several advantages to completing the PADI  Drysuit Specialty with North Iowa Scuba.


  • Extend your diving season-dive earlier in the spring, and later in the fall

  • Allows you to rent and dive drysuits

  • Teaches proper techniques for drysuit diving


 The Aqua Lung drysuit is a little different than a normal drysuit in the way it fits and performs. You will find that it is just as easy to dive as a wetsuit.


The great thing about the Drysuit Specialty is you can either earn the rating on it's own, OR it can be combined with Open Water or Advanced Open Water to receive two certifications at the same time!


  • You can combine the Drysuit Specialty with the Open Water certification, by completing the confined water dives, the open water dives, plus an additional dive and receive the certification.

  • You can combine the Drysuit Specialty with any other specialty requiring 2 dives, and complete an additional dive in the Fusion suit (after a pool orientation dive).

  • Complete the Drysuit Specialty as a stand alone course.


Special pricing for Drysuit Specialty: Add the certification to Open Water certification or Advanced certification, and receive the Specialty for $150. Drysuit Specialty stand alone is $250.  Register online


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