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PADI eLearning North Iowa Scuba

Have you been curious about Scuba Diving? Maybe you are not quite sure it is for you? No problem! We offer a Discover Scuba course that can be completed in a couple of hours to give you the opportunity to try it out before taking a scuba certification class.


Become a Certified Diver! Explore local diving or visit tropical locations! See what the other 2/3 of the earth looks like. Discover things most people will never see except in pictures. Training can be completed in as little as two weekends!


Have you been out of diving for awhile? Maybe you just need to refresh your skills before taking that dive vacation. With the ReActivate program, you can refresh your knowledge, and water skills in one easy session! You can even complete the knowledge update at home on your tablet, or computer. 

Continue your adventure! As an advanced diver, you gain experience and sharpen your skills. Completing five different dives provides an opportunity to explorer your diving interests. No formal classroom work required, read a few short chapters and dive! (Can be completed online).


Show your commitment to safety and your ability to assist in diving emergencies. The hardest and most rewarding course for a recreational diver. You will learn safety measures for yourself and your buddy. Required class for Master Scuba Diver and Dive Master.


 If you are not currently certified in CPR and First Aid, this is the perfect way. An excellent add-on for the Rescue Course. Complete them together and receive a discount. This course is also excellent for non-divers!


Our list of Specialty courses covers a wide range of interests. Specialty Courses  allow you to become proficient at the type of diving you like to do. 

PADI Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional rating in recreational diving. It shows you are serious about diving knowledge and skills.  Join the class of distinguished and respected divers! Plus it is a great way to begin DiveMaster.


Become a PADI Pro!

Are you ready to show you are a dive leader? Show your desire to help others in the diving family. PADI Dive Masters can:

  • Assist in teaching classes

  • Lead dives 

  • Work with students

  • Work for dive shops and resorts